Meet the Photographer



Hello! My name is Tani Sanchez, owner of Candescence Photography.

I am a 4 year experienced photographer and video editor. I’m available for hire by anyone seeking a photographer for weddings, engagements and boudoir, senior portraits, family portraits, pets, and more. I also offer skills in Adobe Photoshop for photographers in need of editing assistance. I also offer video editing services using Adobe Premiere and Finalcut.

In addition to the more traditional services of a photography company, I am also offering a new service as part of Candescence! I think you will agree that these will make my company unique and will improve and extend the options you have to make your wedding/event an even more enjoyable experience. It is a well known fact that the months when people are preparing, planning, and even after their wedding they don’t have much spare time and won’t necessarily be able to share everything about the wedding including, preparation details, pictures, videos, etc. with everyone they would like. So wouldn’t it be nice to have someone have everything you want organized and documented on one page for everyone to see? Well I am now offering the option of building you a WordPress website that will display everything you want and show all of your pictures, not just ones that will show up on the photographers website. This is a permanent blog so you can have me update it or update it yourself before, during, and even after the wedding. You can always look at it wherever you go, and show whoever you want.

So if you would like an experienced photographer with a creative eye, for a very agreeable price, feel free to get visit the “Contact” page and shoot me a call or an e-mail. I hope to hear from you soon!




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