New Fashion Photography Pics

So I had the pleasure of taking these gorgeous girls’ pics. I’ve been practicing with fashion shots more lately because I think it would be amazing to work for a magazine (online or printed.) These are two friends of mine, they are sisters, and they were so amazing to work with. They came up with several poses themselves, came ready to go and moved quick so we didn’t lose our sun.

DSC09843DSC09844journey1DSC09864DSC09873DSC09879DSC09891DSC09895DSC09903DSC09953DSC09923DSC00021DSC09951DSC00003DSC00013SONY DSCSONY DSC

Wedding Cakes

I think one of my favorite things to photograph at a wedding is the cake. And no, not because I have such a sweet-tooth, but because it’s just such a big part of the reception and everyone loves seeing what they chose for the cake. They are always so beautiful and creative and here are few different ones I’ve photographed. SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCDSC_0750DSC_0751DSC_0753SONY DSCmomcake3momcake2


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